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Exclusive Training With One of The World’s
Leading Experts On Pitching

“Breakthrough Method Could Double Your Chances Of Wining Your Next Pitch”


Discover the acclaimed 6-step formula that is winning more deals than anything before.

Whether you’re looking for clients, employees or investors everyone needs to know how to pitch their products, services or ideas. With the TTOPPS Formula you’ll learn how to win without all that high pressure salesy stuff everyone hates.

“This is the most powerful system to create and deliver a winning pitch I have ever seen.”
Niel Malan, Rated Africa’s #1 Business Coach

You will discover:

  • The #1 reason why they chose one pitch over another.

  • The one thing you have to do before a pitch that more than doubles your chances of winning.

  • The mindset of people who win the most pitches. 

  • A secret tool that triples the persuasive power of your nonverbal communication.

  • Step by step guide to creating a winning pitch script.

  • A simple technique to reduce nervousness and develop “big pitch temperament.”

  • Prepare for intense learning … so mark your calendar and make sure to attend live.

  • And really …. because it’s Justin Cohen … MUCH MUCH MORE

Justin Cohen is one of the world’s leading experts on pitching for business. He’s coached people who have never pitched before to win some of the toughest deals.

Entrepreneurs hire him when they have to secure massive venture capital funding. Major blue chip companies get him to share secrets that in some cases have doubled their sales.

Now, for the first time ever, bestselling author and CNBC Africa talk show host, Justin Cohen, is going to teach you his best kept secrets for free!

Don’t miss out.

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